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1 diabetes, insulin therapy should completely replace the physiological production of a hormone that is produced by the pancreas of a healthy person. The scheme and dosage, taking into account the individual characteristics of the body and complications, the patient should choose his attending physician. Basal preparation usually takes 30-50% of the total daily dose. The calculation of the required bolus amount of insulin is more individual. Insulin treatment for type 2 diabetes.

The use of insulin therapy in type 1 diabetes. The treatment regimen for patients with type 1 diabetes involves the introduction of a basal preparation 1-2 times a day, and immediately before meals - a bolus. In type Treatment of type 2 diabetics requires a specific scheme. The essence of this therapy is that the patient begins to gradually add small doses of basal insulin to sugar-lowering drugs.

When first exposed to a basal preparation that is presented as a peak-free, long-acting insulin analog (eg, insulin glargine), patients should stop at 10 IU per day. Preferably, injections are given at the same time of day.

If diabetes mellitus continues to progress and the combination of sugar-reducing drugs (tablet form) with injections of basal insulin does not lead to the desired results, in this case the doctor decides to completely transfer the patient to the injection regimen.

At the same time, the use of all kinds of traditional medicine is welcomed, but any of them must be approved by the attending physician. Children are a special group of patients, so treatment with insulin in case of childhood diabetes always requires an individual approach. Most often, for the treatment of babies, schemes of 2-3 times the introduction of insulin are used. To reduce the number of injections for young patients, a combination of drugs with short and medium exposure times is practiced.


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The sensitivity of children to insulin is higher than in adult patients, so the dose adjustment of the drug should be done in stages. The range of changes in the dosage of the hormone must be laid in 1-2 units at a time. The maximum allowable one-time limit is 4 units.

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It will take several days to understand and feel the results of the change. But doctors categorically do not recommend simultaneously changing the morning and evening dose of the drug.